RC Quadcopter



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Winner is: Wordsworth

Ticket number: 146 Answer: The Wright brothers

RC Quadcopter with 26-30 Mins Long Flight Time for Drone Beginners with 1080P HD Camera



Product Description

drone with camera 4k professional

Drone with 1080P HD camera help you record many wonderful moments in the world and life!

Stunt Camera Drone with multiple flight functions which easy to control, user friendly for kids and beginners.

Provide player a super cool fly experience!

kids drone with camera
drone with camera 4k professional

Multiple Functions Enrich Flying Experience!

drone for kids 8-12

camera drone

rc drone

Just tap the One Key Start/Landing button to start the flight.

Keep the drone at a certain height and hover stably for easy control. Suitable for beginners.

Allow you to play the drone without worry about what direction it is facing.

kids drone with camera

drone for kids 8-12

racing drone

The racing drone with 3 different speed modes suitable for pilots at any levels.

Tap one button to perform 360° flip, make your drone more eye-catching.

Customize unique flight path, enjoy a completely new flying experience at the touch of your fingertip.

beginner drone

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Lottery winner is: Wordsworth

Date User Ticket number
Dec 1st lewis.fair1
Dec 1st lewis.fair5
Dec 3rd Wordsworth6
Dec 3rd Wordsworth9
Dec 1st lewis.fair10
Dec 3rd Wordsworth11
Dec 2nd robert.henderson13
Dec 2nd robert.henderson24
Dec 1st lewis.fair27
Dec 3rd Wordsworth32
Dec 2nd bodycoat34
Dec 3rd Wordsworth36
Dec 2nd bodycoat37
Dec 2nd bodycoat39
Dec 2nd robert.henderson51
Dec 2nd bodycoat55
Dec 3rd Wordsworth57
Dec 2nd robert.henderson63
Dec 1st lewis.fair67
Dec 3rd Wordsworth73
Dec 3rd Wordsworth74
Dec 2nd bodycoat75
Dec 3rd Wordsworth76
Dec 7th coxshiro979
Dec 3rd Wordsworth80
Dec 3rd Wordsworth81
Dec 1st lewis.fair82
Dec 3rd Wordsworth83
Dec 1st lewis.fair85
Dec 2nd bodycoat94
Dec 3rd Wordsworth95
Dec 1st lewis.fair97
Dec 8th lynch.leanne98
Dec 7th gary.scott102
Dec 2nd bodycoat105
Dec 3rd Wordsworth109
Dec 7th Joshua Ford111
Dec 3rd Wordsworth115
Dec 2nd robert.henderson116
Dec 8th darren.nelson117
Dec 2nd bodycoat121
Dec 2nd robert.henderson123
Dec 2nd robert.henderson124
Dec 8th darren.nelson127
Dec 3rd Wordsworth129
Dec 2nd bodycoat134
Dec 1st lewis.fair136
Dec 3rd Wordsworth138
Dec 3rd Wordsworth146
Dec 8th darren.nelson153
Dec 3rd Wordsworth158
Dec 1st lewis.fair159
Dec 2nd bodycoat164
Dec 3rd Wordsworth166
Dec 7th robert.henderson167
Nov 25th Lottery started

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