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All cash prizes are paid directly into the winners bank account after winning. Any prizes that can not be personally hand delivered will be delivered via a tracked courier service.

Each competition will run for the duration specified unless it sells out quicker than the time given. If this happens, live draws may be brought forward than the time specified. Competitions are not extended, all prizes go ahead regardless of tickets sold.

Once all entries are in and the draw is closed, we will draw the prize live on facebook. You can check your entry numbers in both the email you received at entry and also on the entry list section on the website. Each competition specifies when the draw closes and what time the draw will be on that day. We use a live stream on the facebook page and google number generator to select a random number to pick the winner. The first number generated will win the prize for that competition. If a competition has not sold out and the first number generated has not been assigned to a participant we go again until a winner is found.

Even if the maximum amount of tickets allotted is not met, we still proceed with our draws and give the prize specified.

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