Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set



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Answer the question:

On average, what is the warmest month in the UK?

  • December
  • July
  • March

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Drawn on Facebook Jun 30th

Images are for illustration purposes only. Product may vary slightly from that shown. Due to the size and weight of this prize N.I residents only.

Lottery History

Date User Ticket number
Jun 18th linda.briggs1
May 21st reneemarsdenbrown4
Jun 3rd hjanetmurphy6
Jun 18th linda.briggs36
Jun 18th linda.briggs37
Jun 18th linda.briggs41
May 31st colettehawkins196045
May 18th stephen.beattie51
May 18th stephen.beattie53
May 18th stephen.beattie61
Jun 18th linda.briggs70
May 21st reneemarsdenbrown77
Jun 18th linda.briggs90
Jun 19th sarah.martin95
May 30th ryan.shaw114
May 20th colettehawkins1960119
Jun 19th sarah.martin124
May 17th reneemarsdenbrown128
May 17th reneemarsdenbrown143
Jun 18th linda.briggs146
Jun 18th linda.briggs150
May 18th stephen.beattie152
Jun 18th linda.briggs159
May 21st reneemarsdenbrown162
Jun 19th katie.sampford164
Jun 18th linda.briggs167
May 17th reneemarsdenbrown180
May 18th stephen.beattie189
Jun 19th sarah.martin190
May 19th hjanetmurphy197
Apr 18th Lottery started

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