Winner is: Ally

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Well done Alastair Hamilton


  • Hydro-Force™ Aqua Journey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Set includes stand up paddle board, adjustable paddle, easy travel carry bag, hand pump, surf leash, one center fin, and one repair kit
  • Ideal all-round SUP for beginners that is perfect for exploring and relaxing on the water
  • Drop stitch construction makes it extremely rigid and durable while keeping it lightweight
  • High maneuverability and lightness make this board ideal for flat water and small wave riding
  • Size: 9 ft. x 30 in. x 4.75 in. (2.74 m x 76 cm x 12 cm) & weight capacity 100kg (220lbs)
  • 2-Year warranty and free delivery

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Lottery winner is: Ally

Date User Ticket number
Aug 1st claire.gray4
Aug 11th david.henstock11
Aug 11th Ally12
Aug 11th vinh.cam15
Aug 11th Ally17
Jul 21st david.henstock22
Jul 27th glenda.klein24
Jul 31st linda.briggs25
Jul 27th glenda.klein26
Jul 21st david.henstock34
Jul 31st linda.briggs39
Jul 27th glenda.klein45
Jul 31st linda.briggs54
Jul 27th glenda.klein56
Jul 31st linda.briggs58
Aug 5th linda.briggs59
Jul 31st linda.briggs62
Aug 11th mike.smith66
Aug 11th vinh.cam68
Jul 21st david.henstock72
Jul 21st david.henstock75
Jul 31st linda.briggs76
Jul 31st linda.briggs80
Aug 11th vinh.cam85
Jul 27th glenda.klein88
Jul 27th glenda.klein89
Aug 11th stuart.killen91
Aug 11th Ally92
Jul 27th glenda.klein94
Aug 11th mike.smith97
Jul 31st linda.briggs99
Jul 27th glenda.klein100
Jul 31st linda.briggs103
Jul 31st linda.briggs106
Jul 25th linda.briggs108
Jul 31st linda.briggs110
Aug 1st colin.mccarroll111
Jul 31st linda.briggs112
Jul 25th linda.briggs116
Jul 31st linda.briggs121
Aug 11th vinh.cam128
Jul 31st linda.briggs133
Aug 11th Ally134
Aug 11th mike.smith138
Aug 11th Ally140
Jul 31st linda.briggs142
Aug 11th david.henstock145
Aug 5th linda.briggs146
Aug 11th vinh.cam147
Jul 27th glenda.klein148
Aug 11th vinh.cam151
Jul 25th linda.briggs155
Aug 1st david.henstock156
Aug 11th vinh.cam163
Jul 25th linda.briggs164
Aug 11th david.henstock165
Jul 25th linda.briggs168
Jul 31st linda.briggs170
Jul 31st linda.briggs174
Jul 31st linda.briggs175
Aug 5th linda.briggs176
Aug 5th linda.briggs182
Jul 31st linda.briggs185
Aug 11th vinh.cam186
Jul 31st linda.briggs187
Aug 5th linda.briggs193
Aug 11th vinh.cam194
Aug 11th vinh.cam197
Jul 27th glenda.klein204
Jul 21st david.henstock205
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