Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer



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Well done David Henstock

About this item

  • ENERGY-SAVING: Save up to 75% on your energy bill* (*testing and calculations based on recommended cook time for sausages, using air fry function versus conventional ovens)
  • 2 INDEPENDENT COOKING ZONES: Cook 2 foods, 2 ways, both ready at the same time. Use different functions, times and temps in each drawer to create complete meals in one appliance, or cater to 2 tastes
  • 6 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate. Cook from frozen to crispy. Up to 75% less fat* using the Air Fry function (*Tested against deep fried, hand-cut French fries)
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Cook 4-6 portions. Each drawer fits up to 1kg of fries or a 1.6kg chicken. Cook up to 75% faster than fan ovens* (*Tested against fish fingers and sausages, including preheat)
  • INCLUDES: 2x Non-stick, dishwasher-safe 3.8L Drawers (7.6L total capacity) & Crisper Plates. Chef-Created Recipe Guide. Weight: 8.2kg. Colour: Black
  • DIMENSIONS: H31.5cm x W38cm x D26.5cm. 2-year guarantee upon registration with Ninja (UK & ROI only)

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Lottery winner is: david.henstock

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Jul 8th david.henstock5
Jul 14th john.lowry8
Jul 8th paul.getty11
Jul 8th gillian.brookes14
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster15
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster16
Jul 14th robert.burnett19
Jul 8th david.henstock24
Jul 14th william.lemon26
Jul 8th robert.burnett30
Jul 6th sam.sexton31
Jul 14th john.lowry36
Jul 8th paul.getty37
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster38
Jul 14th robert.burnett39
Jul 8th gillian.brookes43
Jul 6th sam.sexton46
Jul 14th gillian.brookes50
Jul 14th william.lemon52
Jul 14th john.lowry54
Jul 14th david.henstock56
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster57
Jul 14th david.henstock58
Jul 14th john.lowry59
Jul 8th john.lowry60
Jul 8th paul.getty61
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster65
Jul 14th john.lowry67
Jul 14th david.henstock75
Jul 10th lorraine.gibson76
Jul 8th david.henstock78
Jul 6th jenny.nelson81
Jul 8th john.lowry82
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster84
Jul 6th sam.sexton87
Jul 14th david.henstock91
Jul 8th robert.burnett97
Jul 14th david.henstock103
Jul 14th william.lemon104
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster111
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster112
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster113
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster115
Jul 8th gillian.brookes117
Jul 10th lorraine.gibson118
Jul 8th david.henstock119
Jul 14th david.henstock120
Jul 8th robert.burnett121
Jul 6th sam.sexton124
Jul 14th john.lowry127
Jul 8th david.henstock128
Jul 14th david.henstock130
Jul 8th david.henstock133
Jul 14th gillian.brookes134
Jul 14th robert.burnett135
Jul 6th sam.sexton138
Jul 8th john.lowry140
Jul 14th john.lowry145
Jul 14th robert.burnett148
Jul 14th gillian.brookes150
Jul 14th william.lemon151
Jul 14th john.lowry152
Jul 14th david.henstock154
Jul 14th gillian.brookes155
Jul 14th gillian.brookes159
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster164
Jul 10th lorraine.gibson165
Jul 14th william.lemon166
Jul 14th david.henstock172
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster173
Jul 14th robert.burnett175
Jul 14th darren.nelson176
Jul 8th john.lowry177
Jul 8th julie.carey181
Jul 14th david.henstock187
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster192
Jul 14th john.lowry194
Jul 14th david.henstock195
Jul 8th robert.burnett198
Jul 8th john.lowry199
Jul 8th david.henstock207
Jul 8th robert.burnett211
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster212
Jul 14th john.lowry213
Jul 8th david.henstock217
Jul 14th lauren.mcmaster219
Jul 14th rosie.spiteri221
Jul 14th david.henstock225
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