May £50 Scratch Card Bundle



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Answer the question:

What colour is the bit you scratch of with a coin on a scratch card?

  • England
  • Grey
  • Water

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Entries available: 136

Entries sold: 64

Max entries per user: 30

Drawn on Facebook May 29th

Lottery History

Date User Ticket number
May 18th georgina.johnston2
May 19th hjanetmurphy3
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown4
May 18th stephen.beattie15
May 17th marcela.popelkova17
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown20
May 26th hjanetmurphy24
May 18th georgina.johnston28
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown30
May 18th stephen.beattie34
May 18th georgina.johnston41
May 16th emcike8442
May 18th stephen.beattie48
May 17th laura.miller53
May 17th richard.harris54
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown55
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown56
May 18th stephen.beattie64
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown65
May 17th hjanetmurphy69
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown70
May 21st colettehawkins196071
May 25th colettehawkins196076
May 21st colettehawkins196077
May 25th hjanetmurphy78
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown79
May 17th hjanetmurphy80
May 18th georgina.johnston83
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown85
May 17th richard.harris86
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown87
May 18th stephen.beattie90
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown91
May 25th colettehawkins196099
May 25th hetty18101
May 17th richard.harris103
May 19th hjanetmurphy114
May 22nd phild116
May 18th stephen.beattie120
May 16th emcike84121
May 21st colettehawkins1960123
May 18th stephen.beattie124
May 18th stephen.beattie128
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown130
May 18th stephen.beattie131
May 25th colettehawkins1960132
May 17th hjanetmurphy134
May 25th hjanetmurphy135
May 19th hjanetmurphy142
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown143
May 21st colettehawkins1960149
May 25th hjanetmurphy150
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown160
May 17th richard.harris163
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown166
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown167
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown180
May 21st colettehawkins1960182
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown183
May 17th richard.harris184
May 18th georgina.johnston186
May 18th stephen.beattie188
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown189
May 23rd reneemarsdenbrown195
Apr 18th Lottery started

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