Gino D’Acampo Digital Air Fryer



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Winner is: reneemarsdenbrown

Ticket number: 34 Answer: Cooking Oil

• 5L capacity basket
• Soft-touch handle
• Touch screen LED panel
• Variable temperature range 80-230C
• Up to 60 minute timer controls
• Removable dishwasher safe cooking basket & grill
• 5 preset functions available including chips, steak, chicken & fish
• Non-stick coating for easy cleaning
• Automatic timer shut off

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Lottery winner is: reneemarsdenbrown

Date User Ticket number
Dec 17th robert.burnett5
Dec 1st lewis.fair7
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown8
Dec 17th coxshiro910
Dec 20th Mightymullins12
Dec 2nd danielle.hutchison15
Dec 17th robert.burnett16
Dec 1st lewis.fair25
Dec 17th robert.burnett26
Dec 16th genther123330
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown34
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown40
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown43
Dec 2nd colette.hawkins45
Dec 20th Mightymullins48
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown52
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown53
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown55
Dec 17th coxshiro958
Dec 2nd colette.hawkins63
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown64
Dec 20th Mightymullins65
Dec 17th coxshiro971
Dec 20th Mightymullins72
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown74
Dec 17th coxshiro977
Dec 1st lewis.fair79
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown83
Dec 20th Mightymullins85
Dec 16th genther123396
Dec 22nd lesleyricia97
Dec 2nd danielle.hutchison102
Dec 20th Mightymullins108
Dec 1st lewis.fair109
Dec 1st lewis.fair112
Dec 17th robert.burnett114
Dec 1st lewis.fair116
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown117
Dec 16th genther1233118
Dec 1st lewis.fair119
Dec 20th Mightymullins120
Dec 20th Mightymullins121
Dec 16th genther1233123
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown126
Dec 1st lewis.fair128
Dec 17th coxshiro9132
Dec 21st suzannebrookes137
Dec 17th robert.burnett138
Dec 16th genther1233140
Dec 20th Mightymullins142
Dec 2nd danielle.hutchison144
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown147
Dec 16th genther1233155
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown159
Dec 2nd colette.hawkins164
Dec 17th coxshiro9165
Dec 1st lewis.fair169
Dec 20th Mightymullins188
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown191
Dec 17th coxshiro9194
Dec 1st lewis.fair198
Dec 20th reneemarsdenbrown199
Nov 30th Lottery started

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