£1000 High End Gaming PC



Winner is: Ben W

Ticket number: 64 Answer:

A very well done Ben enjoy this is some machine

This Gaming PC has RGB lighting with a glass panel and can play the latest games

Processor – Intel iCore I5 9400

Memory – 32GB

Graphics – Nividia RTX 3060 ti

SSD – 480GB


Connectivity – WiFi Bluetooth

Max Tickets per user 40


Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Lottery winner is: Ben W

Date User Ticket number
Sep 1st william.clarke2
Sep 1st lynda.hastings5
Sep 1st Ben W6
Sep 1st Ben W10
Sep 1st laura.gregg14
Sep 1st Ben W18
Sep 1st richard.crooke24
Sep 1st william.clarke25
Sep 1st Ben W27
Sep 1st laura.gregg30
Aug 31st matthew.cox38
Sep 1st lynda.hastings42
Sep 1st lynda.hastings52
Aug 25th lynda.hastings53
Sep 1st lynda.hastings55
Sep 1st Ben W64
Aug 20th julie.galloway67
Sep 1st william.clarke77
Aug 26th lynda.hastings79
Aug 26th brooke.storey80
Aug 31st matthew.cox84
Sep 1st laura.gregg87
Aug 2nd lynda.hastings88
Sep 1st Ben W95
Sep 1st laura.gregg96
Aug 31st matthew.cox98
Aug 31st matthew.cox99
Sep 1st Ben W114
Sep 1st robert.blair117
Sep 1st Ben W120
Sep 1st david.henstock132
Sep 1st laura.gregg136
Aug 28th colin.mccarroll138
Sep 1st irene.stanex irene143
Sep 1st david.henstock148
Sep 1st Ben W160
Aug 20th julie.galloway163
Aug 31st matthew.cox164
Sep 1st Ben W170
Sep 1st Ben W173
Sep 1st lynda.hastings174
Sep 1st Ben W178
Sep 1st Ben W179
Aug 29th linda.briggs181
Sep 1st william.clarke183
Sep 1st lynda.hastings192
Aug 26th brooke.storey205
Aug 28th lisa.kilpatrick208
Sep 1st Ben W211
Sep 1st laura.gregg212
Sep 1st william.clarke227
Aug 20th julie.galloway229
Sep 1st Ben W244
Sep 1st william.clarke246
Sep 1st william.clarke247
Aug 29th brooke.storey249
Sep 1st Ben W250
Sep 1st Ben W255
Sep 1st Ben W258
Sep 1st laura.gregg263
Sep 1st Ben W269
Aug 29th brooke.storey277
Sep 1st william.clarke280
Aug 26th lynda.hastings287
Jul 18th lynda.hastings288
Aug 4th lynda.hastings295
Sep 1st Ben W296
Aug 31st matthew.cox297
Sep 1st lynda.hastings302
Sep 1st Ben W306
Aug 26th brooke.storey312
Sep 1st richard.crooke313
Sep 1st Ben W322
Aug 26th brooke.storey328
Aug 25th lynda.hastings334
Aug 31st matthew.cox336
Sep 1st Ben W338
Aug 31st matthew.cox344
Sep 1st Ben W348
Aug 28th cara.locke371
Sep 1st robert.henderson373
Sep 1st Ben W374
Sep 1st Ben W375
Aug 29th joshua.cunningham380
Sep 1st lynda.hastings401
Aug 29th joanne.carson410
Sep 1st laura.gregg413
Sep 1st richard.crooke415
Aug 31st matthew.cox416
Sep 1st william.clarke432
Sep 1st Ben W450
Sep 1st Ben W459
Aug 31st philippa.houston460
Sep 1st david.henstock469
Aug 31st lynda.hastings475
Sep 1st Ben W478
Sep 1st Ben W486
Sep 1st richard.crooke488
Aug 26th lynda.hastings495
Sep 1st david.henstock499
Sep 1st lynda.hastings509
Aug 26th brooke.storey513
Aug 31st matthew.cox515
Sep 1st Ben W518
Sep 1st Ben W521
Sep 1st laura.gregg523
Sep 1st Ben W525
Sep 1st laura.gregg543
Sep 1st Ben W547
Sep 1st Ben W549
Sep 1st william.clarke551
Aug 29th brooke.storey552
Sep 1st lynda.hastings563
Sep 1st Ben W564
Sep 1st Ben W566
Aug 26th lynda.hastings575
Sep 1st Ben W576
Sep 1st Ben W578
Aug 25th lynda.hastings581
Aug 28th kyczlaw582
Sep 1st richard.crooke587
Sep 1st Ben W589
Apr 11th Lottery started

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