Galgorm Hotel, Spa & Golf Experience



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Winner is: linda.briggs

Ticket number: 67 Answer: Sparkling wine mostly made in the Veneto region, Italy


The recipient of this gift voucher will enjoy ONE of the following Galgorm experiences:

1. Thermal Spa Village Experience with iDome Treatment for two and one course lunch in Elements

2. An overnight stay in a Superior guestroom or Cottage Suite for two people including breakfast and relaxation in the Thermal Spa Village*

3. Forest Rasul Experience for Two – includes self-applicating Mud Rasul, Thermal Spa Village Experience, one course lunch in Elements with a cocktail each.

*Overnight stay valid Monday – Thursday in Jan & Feb 2024 only (excludes 14th February 2023). All other experiences valid until 30th June 2024.

*Additional items booked/ordered will be charged and are not included in the voucher.

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Lottery winner is: linda.briggs

Date User Ticket number
Jan 7th julietyler10
Jan 7th julietyler11
Jan 15th lorraine.gibson18
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown19
Jan 18th linda.briggs21
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown23
Jan 16th linda.briggs25
Jan 16th linda.briggs26
Jan 16th linda.briggs30
Jan 19th alan.john31
Jan 18th linda.briggs37
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore38
Jan 9th lynda.hastings42
Jan 15th richard.harris43
Jan 16th irene.stanex irene49
Jan 16th linda.briggs55
Jan 18th linda.briggs58
Jan 18th linda.briggs62
Jan 9th lynda.hastings63
Jan 11th gillian.brookes66
Jan 18th linda.briggs67
Jan 18th linda.briggs68
Dec 31st colette.hawkins70
Jan 17th lynda.hastings76
Jan 19th sarah.gregory79
Jan 15th richard.harris81
Jan 19th alan.john82
Jan 19th jade.sloan-mccready83
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown84
Jan 19th jade.sloan-mccready85
Jan 19th alan.john86
Jan 19th alan.john91
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore94
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore95
Jan 9th lynda.hastings108
Jan 16th linda.briggs111
Jan 15th richard.harris113
Jan 18th linda.briggs118
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown121
Jan 19th alan.john128
Jan 18th linda.briggs132
Jan 11th suzannebrookes133
Jan 16th linda.briggs134
Jan 19th colette.hawkins135
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown138
Jan 16th linda.briggs147
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore149
Jan 18th linda.briggs152
Jan 19th lynda.hastings153
Jan 15th richard.harris154
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore155
Jan 15th richard.harris160
Jan 18th linda.briggs163
Jan 19th gary.scott173
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore175
Jan 17th pkelso177
Jan 19th hetty18178
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown181
Jan 16th linda.briggs183
Jan 8th cecilia.irwin184
Jan 17th kirsty.gilmore188
Jan 12th pkelso190
Jan 16th linda.briggs195
Jan 16th linda.briggs196
Jan 19th jade.sloan-mccready200
Oct 4th Lottery started

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