DYSON Cordless Vacuum Cleaner



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Winner is: danny.ruddick

Ticket number: 126 Answer: James Dyson

DYSON V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Converts to handheld in 1 click
Hygienic bin emptying
Run time: 40 minutes
Weight: 2.56 kg
Capacity: 0.54 litres
2 year guarantee

Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Lottery winner is: danny.ruddick

Date User Ticket number
Feb 9th bano44
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown5
Jan 3rd colette.hawkins10
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown15
Feb 9th danny.ruddick18
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland19
Feb 9th william.clarke24
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland25
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland27
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland30
Feb 9th leahsaccounts28109535
Dec 31st reneemarsdenbrown37
Jan 11th jenny.nelson38
Feb 9th danny.ruddick39
Jan 15th reneemarsdenbrown40
Feb 9th leahsaccounts28109548
Jan 5th hjanetmurphy50
Feb 9th william.clarke56
Feb 9th bano457
Feb 9th danny.ruddick63
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland71
Feb 9th darren.nelson75
Feb 9th william.clarke77
Feb 8th johanne.black78
Feb 9th leahsaccounts28109583
Feb 9th william.clarke86
Jan 3rd colette.hawkins88
Jan 15th reneemarsdenbrown89
Feb 9th bano491
Feb 9th leahsaccounts28109594
Feb 9th leahsaccounts28109596
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland98
Jan 11th jenny.nelson100
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland101
Feb 9th leahsaccounts281095102
Feb 9th bano4105
Feb 9th Iain Yardley111
Feb 9th william.clarke112
Jan 15th reneemarsdenbrown113
Jan 19th sandra.smurthwaite116
Jan 3rd colette.hawkins119
Feb 9th darren.nelson120
Jan 15th reneemarsdenbrown121
Feb 9th hjanetmurphy123
Feb 9th danny.ruddick124
Feb 9th danny.ruddick126
Feb 9th william.clarke127
Feb 9th leahsaccounts281095130
Feb 9th leahsaccounts281095133
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland135
Jan 15th reneemarsdenbrown137
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland138
Jan 15th reneemarsdenbrown141
Feb 9th leahsaccounts281095148
Jan 11th jenny.nelson150
Feb 9th leahsaccounts281095152
Feb 9th william.clarke154
Feb 9th william.clarke156
Feb 9th danny.ruddick157
Feb 9th william.clarke162
Feb 9th danny.ruddick163
Feb 9th bano4164
Feb 9th danny.ruddick172
Feb 9th william.clarke179
Feb 9th danny.ruddick180
Feb 9th bano4183
Feb 9th danny.ruddick196
Jan 21st daisy-jo.gilliland197
Feb 9th darren.nelson198
Dec 30th Lottery started

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