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Please be patient. We are picking winners!

  • 8-foot-tall Santa
  • Automatic, built-in blower
  • 4 white LEDs inside his tough polyester outer

Wish the world a very merry Christmas with this 8-foot-tall Santa. He inflates in no time with an automatic, built-in blower that simply plugs in – no huffing and puffing! With 4 white LEDs inside his tough polyester outer, he won’t be ignored even on the darkest night and he’s guaranteed to put a big smile on the faces of family and friends. IP44 weather-proof adaptor. Cable, L5m. 6 pegs and 3 ropes (incl) to secure. Use indoors or out. H2.4m.


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Lottery History

Lottery has finished

Date User Ticket number
Nov 23rd robert.burnett3
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland8
Nov 23rd Wordsworth9
Nov 23rd Wordsworth13
Nov 18th ellen.getty17
Oct 22nd robert.burnett19
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland24
Nov 23rd ryan.shaw25
Nov 23rd Wordsworth27
Nov 24th linda.briggs29
Oct 30th daisy-jo.gilliland33
Oct 21st robert.burnett39
Oct 27th robert.burnett43
Oct 30th daisy-jo.gilliland44
Nov 23rd Wordsworth45
Nov 23rd Wordsworth47
Oct 22nd robert.burnett53
Nov 24th richard.harris54
Nov 24th richard.harris56
Oct 22nd robert.burnett58
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland62
Nov 23rd Wordsworth66
Nov 24th richard.harris70
Nov 23rd Wordsworth73
Nov 24th richard.harris80
Oct 27th robert.burnett81
Nov 23rd Wordsworth83
Nov 24th linda.briggs86
Oct 21st robert.burnett87
Oct 27th robert.burnett90
Nov 16th rossys93
Oct 27th robert.burnett101
Nov 23rd Wordsworth107
Oct 21st robert.burnett108
Oct 27th robert.burnett112
Nov 24th linda.briggs113
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland121
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland122
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland123
Nov 23rd Wordsworth128
Nov 23rd gary.scott130
Oct 31st emmabarton3006131
Nov 23rd Wordsworth135
Oct 30th daisy-jo.gilliland136
Oct 30th daisy-jo.gilliland141
Nov 23rd laurabyrne24144
Nov 23rd Wordsworth150
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland151
Nov 23rd Wordsworth157
Nov 24th richard.harris160
Nov 23rd Wordsworth161
Nov 23rd Wordsworth162
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland164
Oct 21st robert.burnett166
Nov 23rd rossys168
Nov 23rd Joshua Ford169
Oct 31st emmabarton3006170
Nov 23rd Wordsworth173
Nov 24th linda.briggs179
Nov 23rd Wordsworth183
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland185
Oct 21st robert.burnett189
Nov 23rd Wordsworth190
Nov 24th linda.briggs191
Nov 23rd Wordsworth192
Nov 23rd Wordsworth193
Nov 23rd Lynne Calland197
Oct 31st emmabarton3006199
Oct 14th Lottery started

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