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Lottery winner is: Wordsworth

Date User Ticket number
Sep 15th rebecca.manson1
Sep 29th john.lowry5
Jul 29th fmooney956
Sep 29th linda.briggs9
Sep 29th craig.mckelvey10
Sep 29th shelley.keenan-lowry12
Sep 29th Paul Mac13
Aug 5th linda.briggs18
Aug 5th linda.briggs24
Sep 19th gillian.brookes25
Sep 29th christopher.mccullough26
Sep 28th Wordsworth31
Sep 24th ellen.getty32
Jul 29th fmooney9538
Sep 29th Lynne Calland39
Sep 27th sara.chapman41
Sep 28th Wordsworth45
Sep 29th jonathan.miskelly48
Jul 18th linda.briggs50
Sep 27th Wordsworth52
Aug 25th linda.briggs54
Sep 28th Wordsworth55
Sep 29th alan.mcaleer57
Sep 27th jade.sloan-mccready60
Sep 27th Wordsworth63
Sep 29th johanne.black65
Sep 27th Wordsworth66
Sep 29th Winners club68
Aug 20th julie.galloway70
Aug 5th linda.briggs71
Aug 5th linda.briggs72
Sep 28th Wordsworth83
Sep 15th jade.sloan-mccready84
Sep 27th Wordsworth85
Sep 28th Wordsworth92
Sep 15th jade.sloan-mccready98
Sep 28th Wordsworth100
Jun 30th kirsty.walsh101
Sep 27th Wordsworth105
Sep 29th anne-marie.mccready108
Sep 29th linda.briggs109
Sep 28th Wordsworth114
Aug 5th linda.briggs115
Sep 29th sarah.stewart118
Sep 28th Wordsworth120
Sep 29th craig.mckelvey121
Sep 28th Wordsworth122
Sep 29th Lynne Calland123
Sep 29th johanne.black124
Sep 29th daryl.phillips127
Sep 28th Wordsworth131
Sep 18th richard.harris133
Aug 25th alison.mckay135
Aug 25th linda.briggs136
Sep 26th kelly.melissa137
Sep 15th rebecca.manson138
Sep 29th Winners club139
Sep 29th darren.nelson141
Sep 29th luke.hawkins153
Sep 11th kirsty.walsh163
Sep 29th Paul Mac164
Sep 12th gillian.brookes170
Sep 29th Winners club176
Sep 28th Wordsworth182
Sep 11th kirsty.walsh186
Sep 29th Winners club189
Sep 27th william.clarke191
Sep 27th william.clarke192
Sep 29th luke.hawkins193
Sep 29th Paul Mac194
Jun 19th kirsty.walsh195
Sep 29th Paul Mac197
Sep 29th sarah.stewart198
Aug 25th linda.briggs201
Aug 26th johnny.watson202
Sep 18th richard.harris203
Sep 29th tom.cassidy210
Sep 28th Wordsworth216
Aug 25th linda.briggs225
Sep 29th clare.mcmullan226
Sep 29th Paul Mac234
Sep 29th Winners club236
Jul 29th fmooney95248
Sep 27th Wordsworth250
Sep 28th Wordsworth253
Aug 5th linda.briggs254
Sep 11th kirsty.walsh257
Aug 26th johnny.watson259
Sep 24th luke.hawkins261
Sep 27th Joshua Ford265
Sep 26th sarah.gregory271
Sep 29th tom.cassidy275
Sep 15th rebecca.manson278
Sep 29th Winners club282
Sep 29th Paul Mac284
Sep 15th jade.sloan-mccready285
Sep 29th john.lowry288
Sep 27th Wordsworth290
Sep 29th julie.watson293
Sep 29th john.lowry296
Sep 24th luke.hawkins301
Sep 24th ellen.getty304
Jul 29th fmooney95308
Sep 29th Karl karlabailey18@yahoo.com318
Aug 20th julie.galloway319
Jul 29th fmooney95322
Aug 26th johnny.watson332
Sep 29th christopher.mccullough333
Sep 28th Wordsworth335
Sep 29th Winners club336
Sep 29th Paul Mac339
Aug 5th linda.briggs343
Sep 29th darren.nelson349
Sep 29th craig.mckelvey351
Sep 29th samm.doak353
Sep 24th luke.hawkins355
Sep 29th Winners club359
Sep 18th richard.harris361
Sep 29th john.lowry364
Sep 27th Wordsworth365
Sep 28th Wordsworth368
Jul 29th fmooney95369
Sep 18th richard.harris370
Sep 27th william.clarke371
Sep 27th william.clarke372
Jul 29th fmooney95376
Sep 28th Wordsworth382
Sep 29th christopher.mccullough384
Sep 28th linda.briggs390
Aug 5th linda.briggs396
Sep 29th darren.nelson403
Sep 29th luke.hawkins409
Jul 29th fmooney95411
Sep 28th Wordsworth418
Sep 29th Paul Mac419
Sep 28th Wordsworth420
Sep 28th Wordsworth422
Aug 21st cara.locke425
Sep 28th Wordsworth426
Aug 25th linda.briggs431
Sep 28th Wordsworth433
Sep 29th john.lowry440
Sep 29th Paul Mac442
Aug 5th linda.briggs444
Sep 28th Wordsworth449
Sep 29th christopher.mccullough452
Jul 29th fmooney95459
Jun 19th kirsty.walsh461
Sep 27th william.clarke462
Sep 18th richard.harris464
Sep 27th Wordsworth471
Sep 27th Wordsworth479
Sep 29th christopher.mccullough480
Sep 29th Winners club483
Aug 25th linda.briggs485
Sep 29th linda.briggs486
Sep 24th luke.hawkins488
Sep 27th william.clarke490
Aug 23rd daisy-jo.gilliland491
Sep 24th ellen.getty492
Sep 29th Winners club495
Sep 29th john.lowry498
Sep 28th Wordsworth500
Aug 25th linda.briggs502
Sep 28th Wordsworth512
Sep 28th Wordsworth513
Sep 29th Paul Mac514
Aug 20th julie.galloway517
Sep 27th william.clarke519
Sep 27th william.clarke520
Aug 25th linda.briggs540
Sep 29th john.lowry545
Jul 29th fmooney95546
Sep 28th Wordsworth550
Sep 29th johanne.black553
Sep 29th luke.hawkins554
Sep 29th luke.hawkins555
Sep 27th william.clarke559
Sep 29th Lynne Calland560
Sep 28th Wordsworth561
Jul 29th fmooney95567
Aug 5th linda.briggs569
Sep 29th john.lowry570
Sep 27th william.clarke571
Aug 25th linda.briggs573
Sep 28th Wordsworth574
Sep 29th john.lowry577
Sep 28th Wordsworth579
Sep 24th luke.hawkins581
Sep 29th john.lowry592
Sep 28th Wordsworth594
Sep 18th richard.harris596
Sep 29th tom.cassidy599
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